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01/ What is Digital Storytelling? 

Digital Storytelling is used to tell compelling, emotionally engaging, informative and interactive, digital stories by merging different kinds of media into one storyline. Digital Storytelling can be used for linear or non-linear formats. My personal approach and recommendation: to make use of approved principles from the film industry and transfer them to digital and interactive formats and platforms.

02/ What are the best formats for Digital Storytelling?

In the end digital storytelling principles can be used for any kind of formats. For websites, games, apps, interactive installations, platforms, augmented or virtual reality etc. But every format has its specific strengths and requirements towards different media. The idea is to predefine formats and media platforms which fit the overall strategy and target group and then create a content and storytelling concept which is both unique and matches the intended message.

03/ What kind of industries and companies can make use of Digital Storytelling?

People love to engage with services, products, platforms or any kind of projects which have a strong or meaningful story. And stories can be much more than just bare entertainment. Stories can inform, educate and make people engage. Stories catch people and make them want to know, hear, sea and feel more. So therefore storytelling can be used wheter you want to inform about the universe, refine wooden floors, exhibit art or produce games. It´s only a matter of perspective.  

04/ What are the costs of Digital Storytelling?

Puhh that is a difficult one ︎... The nice and also difficult thing with digital solutions is: in the end everything is possible. It´s just a matter of time and budget. So generally the best thing is to look at three stages of a project: #1 Strategy and concept, #2 Story and (interative) design solution, #3 Development and distribution. It is highly recommended to have a proper first stage. Because a strong and smart concept enables to get the best out of an existing budget. And this brings even small scope projects alive with a high production value (for instance by deciding to work with a third party development solution. Rather than to code everything from sratch.)

05/ How to start a Digital Storytelling project? 

Every project starts with a dialogue. Forget formats, platforms, content and design in the beginning. Think about your goals, your roadmap, target group, market and even your distribution strategy (beforehand!). Tell me what you want to achieve or let me find out together with you. The core thing is to perfectly aling your business and storytelling strategy. This is is the beginning to create something beautiful.

06/ Who do you work with?

There is a broad range of art directors, motion designers, authors or developers I work with. Generally I am in charge of the overall strategy, concept and creative direction, in close collaboration with the client. Depeding on the equirements of the project I expand the team. I particularly enjoy to work with Inlusio Interactive to combine skills from the film and game industry and
Studio Peryton to combine storytelling, (motion) design and development expertise.