II. Story Concept

Das Studio und die Agentur für Digital und Visual Storytelling in München und Zürich realisiert Content Marketing, Markenstrategien und interaktive Storytelling Formate.

Mit Fokus auf Marken Strategie, Content Marketing und Visual Storytelling.


Digital Storytelling needs

A unique concept. There are numberless ways of telling a story and making your audience interact with it. Referring to the defined strategy a specific project concept is developed. The concept defines the red line of the story. What main question(s) does the story answer? Who – if needed – is the narrator? What is the dramaturgy? What layers of informations are worked with? How are different kinds of media merged with each other? From videos, texts, pictures to interactive graphs. What does the user journey within the story look like and how can users interact with the story? 

Based on the concept the information architecture and wireframes are defined, setting the overall structure of the digital or even analog project. Furthermore the strategy and the project concept are well adjusted to the marketing plan (see IV. Reach). 

„We create unique concepts and focus on non-fictional Digital Storytelling . The world has wonderful stories to tell. We just need to open our eyes.“