IV. Content Reach

Das Studio und die Agentur für Digital und Visual Storytelling in München und Zürich realisiert Content Marketing, Markenstrategien und interaktive Storytelling Formate.

Mit Fokus auf Marken Strategie, Content Marketing und Visual Storytelling.


Digital Storytelling only works with

The right visibility. Every project is only as good as its reach. There are thousands of new applications and digital stories released every day. And all of them seek for attention. Therefore it is very important to define where and what kind of digital story is being told (see I. Strategy) and how users are invited to interact with it (see III. User Experience) . In order to enable the best possible reach it is important to think outside of the project itself. How can the story or the content world be expanded to other platforms? How is it possible to involve influencers to spread the story? How can possible partners be engaged to be part of the project? What platforms are worked with and how can existing or new communities be built up?

The process to think about reach and community building should start right from the beginning. Because the strategy, concept and reach of a project influence each other. 

„We consult in finding the right visibility and reach for a project and work together with social media experts and YouTube influencers around the world.“