I. Brand Strategy

Das Studio und die Agentur für Digital und Visual Storytelling in München und Zürich realisiert Content Marketing, Markenstrategien und interaktive Storytelling Formate.

Mit Fokus auf Marken Strategie, Content Marketing und Visual Storytelling.


Digital Storytelling starts with

A digital roadmap. The first step in telling a meaningful story – no matter what format, technology, content or design are chosen – starts by defining the right strategy. What is the digital roadmap for the upcoming months or years, short-, mid- and long-term? Who is the target audience? What kind of content already exists and what needs to be produced? How can analog and digital content strategies be merged? What is the marketing strategy? And how can a story be told which even goes beyond a single project?

Great Digital Storytelling evolves from the right strategy. By looking at the big picture, asking the right questions and defining how a story fits it. To think outside of the box. To define a creative strategy.

„We help to find the right answers. How to set set a digital roadmap. And to create a unique concept once we get to the point.“