III. User Experience

Das Studio und die Agentur für Digital und Visual Storytelling in München und Zürich realisiert Content Marketing, Markenstrategien und interaktive Storytelling Formate.

Mit Fokus auf Marken Strategie, Content Marketing und Visual Storytelling.


Digital Storytelling is dependent on

Self-explanatory interaction design. User experience refers to a person´s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, service or even digital story. It describes the human-computer interaction and the user´s perception of various aspects such as utility, ease of use or efficiency. Therefore every digital storytelling project is only as good as its user experience. A project needs to be fun and easy to use, self-explanatory and unique in its style at the same time. Therefore it is very crucial to know upfront who the target audience is, what devices or platforms and what overall strategy is aimed for (see I. Strategy). 

Furthermore the User Experience and the design, interaction design of a project are very much dependent from each other. Therefore it is crucial to integrate a design thinking process from early on to create an experience which is unique from its visual and interactive experience.

„We work with the best UX designers and developers in their specific field. Whether it is for Apps, Storytelling-Websites, Story-Games, interactive Screens or any other application focusing on unique storytelling.“