Digital Storytelling in Times of Covid-19 

Every crises offers the chance to look at well known patterns from a different perspective and makes us rethink how things could work (out) differently. So what happens in the field of storytelling if mobility is drastically reduced, cultural life in public comes to a halt, schools are closed and entertainment and information transfer are shifted even more to the digital space?

How can technology, content and playful interactions be merged and used in the best possible way to make an impact and stay relevant? How can principles from the film- and game-industry be used to create storytelling formats which connect the analogue and digital space? And how can digital learning formats be established which are entertaining and informative at the same time?

If you are driven by these or any other questions how the boundaries of digital and interactive storytelling can be expanded to make the best out these uncertain times, I would love to discuss with you possible solutions. 
Just drop me a line at rb@robinburgauer.com to discuss ideas and the potential of Digital Storytelling.

Stay healthy ︎, Robin