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Dialogue- and story-driven Game
Lehrmittelverlag Zürich

Together with Inlusio Interactive I created and produced an interactive, playful and dialogue-oriented game for Lehrmittelverlag Zürich. The game consists of three chapters, enables students to learn French and takes players on a search for clues to solve a mysterious theft and a long guarded family secret.

The game «Le maître Voleur» is characterized by its vivid colors.

A search for clues
Players are engaging with the story by using hints correctly to initiate and continue dialogues at various locations. Answers and hints need to be understood to continue the search for clues.

We developed a node-based story-system to trigger specific and individual dialogues.

Immersive game mechanics 
The game mechanic take into consideration language skills and learning abilities throughout the game and are also partly based on luck to give all kinds of students with different strengths a fun and meaningful experience.

Players can choose where to go next and have to find various items throughout the game.

Frame story in form of a graphic novel
All chapters begin and end with an atmospheric frame story to tell players what is happening and to give them some time of reflection on their journey to solve a mysterious puzzle.

The game is illustrated by Grafilu and was developed together with Adorable Squid