FoST Podcast – The Future of Digital Storytelling

Right now the world is facing an unprecedented challenge as the COVID-19 pandemic forces us to isolate ourselves in order to save lives. While we need to be physically distanced, we still have a strong human need to be socially, emotionally, and spiritually connected. Stories have a unique ability to help us overcome isolation, to bridge divides, and to make us feel part of something bigger than ourselves. The world needs stories and storytellers now more than ever.

The Future of Storytelling has launched their very own weekly Podcast. In their first season, FoST Founder and Director Charlie Melcher sits down with ten incredible guests to bring you authentic conversations with some of the world’s most innovative, skillful, and creative storytellers from diverse backgrounds—from media and marketing to technology and the arts—who strive to create greater human connections and empathy through their work.

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