Meetup: Digital Storytelling – Pushing the Boundaries

I created the meetup group «Digital Storytelling – Pushing the Boundaries» in Munich to bring people together from different creative fields to talk about Storytelling. No matter if you are a strategist, designer, developer, film maker, game designer or any other creative mind. The group aims to inspire its members through its events – thanks to the innovative cases, ideas and approach of its own members – and wants to enable new contacts.

What happens at the events?

At every event about 5 people talk about an inspiring project, idea, approach or their career in a 5 - 10 minute session. Something which in some way pushes the boundaries of storytelling. For example a story-driven game, story using artificial intelligence, a podcast, Snapchat-Stories or how technology, mixed reality, VR or AR enable new forms of storytelling. You are the experts in your industry. So let us be part of it. Together we are pushing the boundaries of storytelling.

To present anything related to Storyelling like a project, idea, approach or anything else at a meetup please write me a short note at (this isn´t a pitch ;) – only to understand what you want to talk about)

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