Revealing Affection with One Picture
Peryton Mag

The narrative strength of illustrations

Illustrations have been used for thousands of years to tell stories, all over the world. The earliest
ones in a cave in France 17 ́000 years ago, to illustrate important events with pictorial representations. In ancient Greece and Italy to honor gods, heroes or cultures themselves on coins or vessels. In the middle ages to enrich religious manuscripts with narrative pictorials. In the renaissance to make woodcuts and prints alive and spread images and ideas to a wide audience. Since the industrial revolution in the mid- 1700s and thanks to the improved printing technologies, illustrations and their stories became a common part of our daily life. So the next time you see an illustration: breathe in that narrative strength which evolved for centuries.

Storyworlds in one single picture

Jisu Choi is an illustrator from South Korea who creates fascinating situations and storyworlds – in one single picture. Her illustrations draw you in and make you explore, imagine, seek and look for even more. Jisu defines storytelling as one of the many ways to reveal affection. She is convinced that creatives can only persuade viewers and make them move if creatives themselves are confident and love their work.

As a child Jisu grew up in a busy urban area, she loved to stroll and absorb the surroundings and wonder what happened inside of the numerous streets, doors and houses. Since then Jisu has continuously developed her interest in spaces, stories and ways of expressing them.

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